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Invite a friend

It's time to call all of your friends and both of you earn a reward for that 😄


Starting on this week we will be implementing our Referral system, it's really easy to use and earn some awesome reward for inviting new players and of course a reward for your friend too hehe.


How can I referral my friend?

All you need to do is tell your friend to put your character name on the "Invited by" upon his registration in our website.

If your friend connect on the same computer/IP of you, the referral will be automatically cancelled


For now we will only store the referrals in our database, since we are still developing the system. But we are releasing this so you can already start inviting, and keeping your invitations rewards to be redeemed later.

Soon we will announce what will be the reward for the player who invited and the newcomer. Stay tuned!

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