Patch notes v22/24 | LoopRose

Patch notes v22/24

Here you can check all the changes made on this patch :)

Change in adventure's rewards

Receives 5 scrolls instead of 3.

The scrolls now have a duration of 7 minutes.

Scroll Ripe Banana (Critical Booster)
Before: Movement Speed ​​& Attack Speed
After: Attack Speed & Critical

Scroll Elder Flanae Seeds (Defense Booster)
Before: Increased HP/MP
After: Increased Defense & Dodge

Scroll Big Pumpkin Seeds (Damage Booster)
Before: Additional damage
After: Addition damage & Attack Power

Initial Zulie Change

Character starts with 100,000 zulie

Buffer fairy

Added buffer fairy in center of Canyon City of Zant 5240,5192 (Buffs only between level 10 and 60)

Added buffer fairy on entrance of Junon Polis 5523,5346 (Buffs only between level 60 and 110)

Loop Rose Online - Buffer Fairy Junon

  • Fixed giant character when change map mounted