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LoopRose_Online_update-v31-32Update note

Patch notes v31/32

Here you can check all the changes made on this patch :)

  • Fixed mob movement in Adventure's / Valley of Luxem Tower and Canyon City of Zant
  • Corrections and adjustments made to the PET system
  • Removed clan point drop outside the clan field
  • Fixed Training Grounds teleport
  • Fixed misplaced object on Training Grounds map
  • Changed mount messages
  • Changed the map level in the description when you enter it
  • Decreased the price of some ammunition
  • Removed level 163 staff drop from Winter Maul mob
  • Fixed teleport to Eldeon
  • Fixed Alchemy Craft skill
  • Changed 2Job requirement to 200.000 zulies
  • Coupon system implemented

Loop Points Store

  • Added Carts
  • Added Castle Gears
  • Added Capes
  • Added Wings
  • Added BackShield

All items from Loop Points shop will be worth 1 LP during the BETA period

And some other minor fixes...

Thanks to those players who helped us by reporting bugs or suggesting improvements:

Maxirom, sdffgd, MeNewbieYT, Ukiha