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LoopRose_Online_update-v33-34Update note

Patch notes v33/34

Here you can check all the changes made on this patch :)

  • Fixed LoopPoints icon on the Item Mall Store
  • Change the teleport scrolls icon to match the color for each planet
  • Fixed some wrong item icons
  • Fixed item disappear when using PET auto loot and with the inventory full
  • Fixed bonfire
  • Fixed landmine
  • Removed ruins scroll
  • Fixed item duplicating when using pet auto loot on party
  • Changed tutorial description for the 1st job quest

New Item Mall items

  • Added PET's acessories
  • Added Mounts
  • Added Cap / Body / Gloves / Shoes

All items from Loop Points shop will be worth 1 LP during the BETA period

And some other minor fixes...

Thanks to those players who helped us on this patch by reporting bugs or suggesting improvements:

ZeVaqueiro, Renegado, Ukiha