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LoopRose_Online_update-v45-46Update note

Patch notes v45/46

Here you can check all the changes made on this patch :)

  • Added No-Exp Accessory on the NPC Giovanna (Junon Polis);
  • Added PET craft skill to sell on the NPC Darren (Junon Polis);
  • Fixed some invalid items on the craft list;
  • Changed PET Auto-Pickup Accessory to pickup items from all members of the party;
  • Fixed interface bug, when everything goes to the upper corner;
  • Changed map Desert of the Dead to Clan Vs Clan;
  • Fixed chat information when buff is over;
  • Changed clan creation window to English;
  • Fixed Dreadnaught with mammoth skin;
  • Removed some invalid skill books from Xita Refuge;
  • All costume items from Item Mall now can be bough using Vote Points 😊Vote for us!;
  • Readjusted IM back item prices;
  • Improved drop table (more improvements will come this week);
  • Released the first daily event: WARRIORS! (Tutorial and details soon)

And some other fixes that have been reported on our discord during this time...