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LoopRose_Online_update-v57Update note

Patch notes v57

Here you can check all the changes made on this patch :)

  • Revised Moss Golem drop;
  • Added Shisano drop on Shady Jungle and Forest of Wandering (all monsters);
  • Fixed level 200 chest and hat drop;
  • Added all hearts and gems grade 4 on Kera drop;
  • Fixed Gem Box;
  • Removed Behemoth Tendon drop from Eldeon;
  • Improved drop of honey from the Honey Bee's;
  • Fixed gem effect position on Oblivion Wand;
  • Added interplanetary teleport on the IM store;
  • Moved Junon dancer's place so the vending can grow better;
  • Increased Warriors event difficult;