LoopRose_Online_update-v62-63Update note

Patch Notes v62/63

Here you can check all the changes made on this patch :)


  • Changed the way fairies buff, now just click to receive all;
  • Adjusted teleport to Crystal Defenders when respawned in Adventures Plains;
  • Crystal Defenders now requires a minimum of 4 participants;
  • Crystal Defenders now requires at least level 150;
  • Added Special Gem Box to Crystal Defenders maximum reward (Destroys all crystals or defends all);
    - Chance to receive 1 Amethyst/Turquoise/Citrino gem at random between grade 1 and 5
  • Decreased the HP of Crystal Defenders crystals;
  • Swapped Crystal Defenders and Warriors hours at night;
Crystal Defenders:
- Open registration: 7:00 PM
- Close registrations and open the portal: 7:12 PM
- Close portal and start event: 7:15 PM

- Open registration: 10:17 PM
- Close registrations and open the portal: 10:27 PM
- Close portal and start event: 10:30 PM
  • Adjusted Artisan skill points;
  • Adjusted Moss Golem drop
    - Improved moss dew and fluid drop
    - Added grade 1 and 2 gems for drop
    - Decreased respawn time to 50 minutes
  • Removed Quest from Temple (temporarily as it wasn't working);
  • Made some preparations for implementing the Eldeon Clan Field;
  • Added new Title system for PvP events;
  • Removed restriction from level 200 Muse Shoes;
  • Changed Ruby Shield Craft Material: Sheer Linen by Diamond Ancient Tablet
  • Improved Kera Drop
  • Fixed refinement of hawker hat
  • Added Special Gem Refine for sale on IM;
  • Fixed bug that items disappeared when craft failed due to lack of materials;

About the new gems:
Amethyst -> Strength & Dexterity
Turquoise -> Intelligence & Sensitivity
Citrino -> Dexterity & Sensitivity


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