This monster can be found at

Canyon City of Zant

Items dropped from this monster

Leopard Ensemble Leopard EnsembleA garment made of leopard skin and with a wild look.Casual suit
HP Point (+50) HP Point (+50)HP Restore.Instant Restorative
Stamina (+50) Stamina (+50)Stamina Restore.Instant Restorative
Jelly Bean Jelly BeanA capsule containing a monster that will fight for you once summoned.Magic Item
Luxurious Green Hat Luxurious Green HatChap?u comum, bom para viajantes.Hat
Leather Gloves Leather GlovesFingerless gloves made of leather.Glove
Red Shoes Red ShoesSapatos vermelhos, muito charmosos.Shoes
Waterproof Shoes Waterproof ShoesSapatos vermelhos imperme?veis, muito ?teis em dias de chuva.Shoes
Wooden Sword Wooden SwordA sword made of wood which you can get anywhere.One-hand Sword
Short Sword Short SwordAn easily available sword that's perfect for beginners.One-hand Sword
Bamboo Spear Bamboo SpearA simple Spear made of bamboo.Spear
Sticky Liquid Sticky LiquidA generically sticky fluid.Material
Limpid Skin Limpid SkinA transparent shell that you can see through.Material
Thin Insect Shell Thin Insect ShellThe thin, brittle shell of an insect.Material
Worn-out Leather Worn-out LeatherOld and worn out, but you can probably use this leather for something.LeatherCanyon City of Zant
Apple AppleA ripe apple.FoodCanyon City of Zant
Milk MilkIt does a body great.FoodCanyon City of Zant
Thin Leather Thin LeatherThin leather that might be useful as a covering.LeatherCanyon City of Zant
Broken Metal Fragment Broken Metal FragmentIt's basically scrap, but this fragment might be used to make something.MaterialCanyon City of Zant
Vital Jam (+1) Vital Jam (+1)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionCanyon City of Zant
Gunpowder GunpowderA dangerous substance used to make explosives. You should only trust experts to handle gunpowder.MaterialCanyon City of Zant
Junon Polis Return Scroll Junon Polis Return ScrollReturns its user to Junon Polis. Current weight carried by its user affects MP that is consumed in using this item.Magic ItemCanyon City of Zant
Sleek Leather Sleek LeatherSmooth, silky leather that may be put to good use in making a belt.LeatherCanyon City of Zant
Vital Jam (+5) Vital Jam (+5)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionCanyon City of Zant
Tender Leather Tender LeatherLeather that's soft as silk.LeatherCanyon City of Zant
Banana BananaA monkey's banana.FoodCanyon City of Zant
Silver Thread Silver ThreadThread made of thinly pressed iron.MaterialCanyon City of Zant