Pomic Recruit

This monster can be found at

Valley of Luxem Tower
Breezy Hills

Items dropped from this monster

Health Vial (M) Health Vial (M)Potion that slowly restores HP.Potion
HP Point (+50) HP Point (+50)HP Restore.Instant Restorative
MP Point (+30) MP Point (+30)MP Restore.Instant Restorative
Stamina (+50) Stamina (+50)Stamina Restore.Instant Restorative
Beetle BeetleA capsule containing a monster that will fight for you once summoned.Magic Item
Spiritual Beret Spiritual Beret Chap?u m?gico feito para muses novatos.Magic Hat
Oriental Drum Oriental DrumA small tabor drum that is played to ensure a good harvest.Magic Tool
Brown Gloves Brown GlovesGloves for new traders.Glove
Soldier Boots Soldier BootsBotas b?sicas para soldado.Boots
Hunter Chest Hunter ChestBasic armor for hawkers.Combat Uniform
Rapier RapierA long, sharp sword that is mainly used for stabbing.One-hand Sword
Buffoon Mace Buffoon MaceA ridiculous Melee Weapon that looks out of place on the battlefield.One-hand Blunt Weapon
Haedong Sword Haedong SwordWooden sword used for training that is easily broken.Two-hand Sword
Nameless Sword Nameless SwordTwo-Handed Sword for novices.Two-hand Sword
Woodman Axe Woodman AxeA cheap Axe used by woodcutters.Axe
Javelin JavelinA Spear that is built for throwing rather than stabbing.Spear
Short Bow Short BowA Bow that's so easy to use, even a child can use it.Bow
Baobab Rod Baobab RodA basic Rod made of out Baobab wood.Magic Staff
Baobab Wand Baobab WandConstructed from wood from the Baobab tree, this Wand contains a small amount of magic power.Magic Wand
Mage's Wand Mage's WandA basic Wand used by Mages to focus their mystic energies.Magic Wand
Sword Knuckle Sword KnuckleKnuckles that have been fitted with daggers. It's like punching and stabbing at the same time.Katar
Sticky Liquid Sticky LiquidA generically sticky fluid.Material
Insect Leg Insect LegAn insect's leg.Material
Thick Insect Shell Thick Insect ShellThe tough shell of an insect.Material
Tin TinA metal with a silvery white luster.MetalValley of Luxem Tower
Grapes GrapesGrapes that are often used to make wine.FoodValley of Luxem Tower
Orange OrangeIt's like a mandarin orange, but its taste and size are a little different.FoodValley of Luxem Tower
Sharp Iron Piece Sharp Iron PieceSharp as a knife, it's important to be careful when using this material to manufacture something.MaterialValley of Luxem Tower
Broken Metal Fragment Broken Metal FragmentIt's basically scrap, but this fragment might be used to make something.MaterialValley of Luxem Tower
Copper CopperA metal with a reddish luster that melts easily.MetalValley of Luxem Tower
Vital Jam (+1) Vital Jam (+1)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionValley of Luxem Tower
Zant Return Scroll Zant Return ScrollReturns its user to Zant. Current weight carried by its user affects MP that is consumed in using this item.Magic ItemValley of Luxem Tower
Bronze BronzeA metal made from melting copper and tin, making it much more durable.MetalValley of Luxem Tower
Vital Jam (+2) Vital Jam (+2)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionValley of Luxem Tower
Banana Milk Banana MilkBanana flavored milk.FoodValley of Luxem Tower
Vital Jam (+5) Vital Jam (+5)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionValley of Luxem Tower
Iron IronPure iron, one of the most common metals.MetalValley of Luxem Tower
Netil NetilBrown material that is thought to be made by rain water collecting in a place where animals or plants have died. MaterialValley of Luxem Tower
Thin Leather Thin LeatherThin leather that might be useful as a covering.LeatherBreezy Hills
Banana BananaA monkey's banana.FoodBreezy Hills
Dyes DyesCollected pigment that has been extracted from plants.MaterialBreezy Hills
Sleek Leather Sleek LeatherSmooth, silky leather that may be put to good use in making a belt.LeatherBreezy Hills
Tough Leather Tough LeatherAlthough rough and coarse, this leather might be handy for bundling slippery or viscous materials.LeatherBreezy Hills
Tender Leather Tender LeatherLeather that's soft as silk.LeatherBreezy Hills
Ore of Wind Ore of WindThe smallest piece of a Hook Wing.MaterialBreezy Hills
Gorgeous Leather Gorgeous LeatherRidiculously showy leather that has various uses.LeatherBreezy Hills
Thick Leather Thick LeatherLeather that is so thick that it can't be cut with a knife.LeatherBreezy Hills
Kiwi KiwiA brown fuzzy edible fruit with a green sweet pulp.FoodBreezy Hills
Wind Stone Wind StoneA green stone containing the energy of the wind.MaterialBreezy Hills