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Little Sabertooth

This monster can be found at

Mount Eruca

Items dropped from this monster

Mighty Helm Mighty HelmElmo leve, por?m muito eficaz.Helmet
Mariner's Hat Mariner's HatChap?u para quem ama navegar.Hat
Mighty Gauntlets Mighty GauntletsLight, yet reliable handles.Gauntlet
Mariner's Gloves Mariner's GlovesGloves preferred by people who love to sail.Glove
Boots of Shadow Boots of ShadowSapatos que dizem cobrir aqueles que os usam nas sombras.Magic Boots
Mariner's Boots Mariner's BootsBotas para ca?adores de mar.Shoes
Merchant Boots Merchant BootsBotas sofisticadas para viajantes experientes.Shoes
Coat of Shadow Coat of ShadowA cape that is said to clothe the wearer in shadows.Magic Clothes
Merchant Vest Merchant VestSophisticated armor for intermediate level merchants.Casual suit
Elf Bow Gun Elf Bow GunA gorgeous, yet simple to use, Crossbow that was used by the Elves.Crossbow
Mythril Bow Mythril BowA Bow made of Mythril whose quality is guaranteed after purchase.Bow
Cross Launcher Cross LauncherAn attractive Launcher decorated with crossed blades.Launcher
Holy Staff Holy StaffA clergyman's Staff which contains the power of holiness.Magic Staff
Recovery Wand Recovery WandA magical Wand that contains restorative energies.Magic Wand
Windstorm Wand Windstorm WandA Wand that was been magically constructed to call forth wind vacuums.Magic Wand
Assassin Katar Assassin KatarPowerful, long bladed Katars used by those who live in the shadows.Katar
Katana[Grand] KatanaThe sword of choice for veteran samurai.One-hand Sword
Assassin Katar[Grand] Assassin KatarPowerful, long bladed Katars used by those who live in the shadows.Katar
Fire Stone Fire StoneA red stone containing the energy of fire.Material
White Crystal White CrystalCrystal used as a material for Diamond.Material
Sandstone SandstoneA stone made of fine sand. It's not suitable for construction, but can be good if used carefully.Stone Material
Gravel Stone Gravel StoneStone made of sand and pebbles.Stone Material
Frozen Animal Fur Frozen Animal FurFrozen fur taken from an animal.Material
Coin of Eucar Tribe Coin of Eucar TribeAn ancient form of currency used by the Eucar tribe.Collections
Earth Stone Earth StoneA yellow stone containing the energy of the earth.Material
Ruper Crest Ruper CrestThe special symbol of the Ruper Clan.Material
Mythril MythrilThe purest silver, Mythril is harder than diamond.Metal from Outside WorldMount Eruca
Meteorite MeteoriteA stone that's fallen from the sky and crashed into the ground.Stone MaterialMount Eruca
Orihalcon OrihalconThe legendary metal that is said to be unbreakable.Metal from Outside WorldMount Eruca
Ice Key Fragment Ice Key FragmentIf you collect enough Ice Key fragments…CollectionsMount Eruca
Adamantium AdamantiumA fantasy metal that almost defies the natural laws.Metal from Outside WorldMount Eruca
Stamina (+200) Stamina (+200)Stamina Restore.Instant RestorativeMount Eruca
Otherworldly Metal Otherworldly MetalMetal from beyond the physical realm. Its true form is secret.Metal from Outside WorldMount Eruca
HP Point (+700) HP Point (+700)HP Restore.Instant RestorativeMount Eruca
Philosopher Stone Philosopher StoneThe greatest metal that all alchemists hope to create. It greatly increases Mana amount.Metal from Outside WorldMount Eruca
Advanced Dexterity Scroll (Solo) Advanced Dexterity Scroll (Solo)Increase in Movement Speed and Dodge Rate for 10 minutes.Magic ItemMount Eruca
Lisent (Al) Lisent (Al)Material called Lisent that contains Al and is used in refining weaponsChemicalMount Eruca
Mercury MercuryAlthough it's a true metal, mercury doesn't retain its shape like the other metals.Metal from Outside WorldMount Eruca
Ice Charm Ice CharmInflict damage 30 meters around you and reduce the Attack Speed of enemies within range.Magic ItemMount Eruca