Bebeg Warrior

This monster can be found at

Mount Eruca

Items dropped from this monster

Topaz [1] Topaz [1]Jewel of wisdom and courage.Gem
Kurash Helm Kurash HelmElmo poderoso e bastante ornado.Helmet
Rich Merchant Turban Rich Merchant TurbanTurbante com prote??o para os olhos, para os melhores viajantes.Hat
Rich Merchant Gloves Rich Merchant GlovesSoft and sophisticated gloves for very experienced maskers.Glove
Kurash Boots Kurash BootsBotas pesadas que podem ser usadas como armas.Boots
Jaguar Boots Jaguar BootsBotas que fazem qualquer um que as veja se mover t?o r?pido quanto um jaguar.Shoes
Kurash Armor Kurash ArmorAn ornate but very reliable armor, whose splendor impresses even its enemies.Armor
Velvet Coat of Witch Velvet Coat of WitchA cape that contains a powerful magic that can be used by magic adepts.Magic Clothes
Rich Merchant Vest Rich Merchant VestSophisticated armor for intermediate level travelers.Casual suit
Flare Sword Flare SwordA mysterious sword which creates a blaze at every brandish.One-hand Sword
OverGear Bow Gun OverGear Bow GunThe most scientifically advanced Crossbow designed to eradicate foes.Crossbow
Dragon Sword Dragon SwordA sword in which the blade is generally decorated with the image of a dragon.Two-hand Sword
Earthquake EarthquakeAn Axe filled with the power of the earth, making it capable of starting earthquakes.Axe
Oriental Spear Oriental SpearA legendary Spear used by Yeopo, a famous commander.Spear
Bow of Wind Spirit Bow of Wind SpiritA mysterious Bow that contains the spirit of the wind.Bow
Piercing Gun Piercing GunA Gun with the power to pierce absolutely anything.Gun
Shadow Launcher Shadow LauncherA Launcher that is said to shoot the essence of darkness itself.Launcher
Gungnir [Dark] Gungnir A mythical Spear that is said to be used by Odin, leader of the Norse gods.Spear
Piercing Gun[Golden] Piercing GunA Gun with the power to pierce absolutely anything.Gun
Yellowish Stone Yellowish StoneA stone made of yellow sand. Can be used in manufacturing.Stone Material
Ocarina Pieces Ocarina PiecesIf you collected all the pieces, could you restore the Ocarina to its original form?Collections
Giant's Heart Giant's HeartA giant's heart that is hard as stone and emits a red light.Material
Sandstone SandstoneA stone made of fine sand. It's not suitable for construction, but can be good if used carefully.Stone Material
Ice Shard Ice ShardA shard of ice that sparkles in the light.Material
Coin of Eucar Tribe Coin of Eucar TribeAn ancient form of currency used by the Eucar tribe.Collections
Green Crystal Green CrystalCrystal used as a material for Emerald and Peridot.Material
Earth Stone Earth StoneA yellow stone containing the energy of the earth.Material
Red Hearts Red HeartsWhen an eons old star is destroyed, it results in this ore that possesses a mysterious power.Material
Black Hearts Black HeartsWhen an eons old star is destroyed, it results in this ore that possesses a mysterious power.Material
Blue Crystal Blue CrystalCrystal used as a material for Sapphire and Topaz.Material
Ore of Fire Ore of FireThe feather found from an old dragon.Material
Mythril MythrilThe purest silver, Mythril is harder than diamond.Metal from Outside WorldMount Eruca
Meteorite MeteoriteA stone that's fallen from the sky and crashed into the ground.Stone MaterialMount Eruca
Orihalcon OrihalconThe legendary metal that is said to be unbreakable.Metal from Outside WorldMount Eruca
Ice Key Fragment Ice Key FragmentIf you collect enough Ice Key fragments…CollectionsMount Eruca
Adamantium AdamantiumA fantasy metal that almost defies the natural laws.Metal from Outside WorldMount Eruca
Stamina (+200) Stamina (+200)Stamina Restore.Instant RestorativeMount Eruca
Otherworldly Metal Otherworldly MetalMetal from beyond the physical realm. Its true form is secret.Metal from Outside WorldMount Eruca
HP Point (+700) HP Point (+700)HP Restore.Instant RestorativeMount Eruca
Philosopher Stone Philosopher StoneThe greatest metal that all alchemists hope to create. It greatly increases Mana amount.Metal from Outside WorldMount Eruca
Advanced Dexterity Scroll (Solo) Advanced Dexterity Scroll (Solo)Increase in Movement Speed and Dodge Rate for 10 minutes.Magic ItemMount Eruca
Lisent (Al) Lisent (Al)Material called Lisent that contains Al and is used in refining weaponsChemicalMount Eruca
Mercury MercuryAlthough it's a true metal, mercury doesn't retain its shape like the other metals.Metal from Outside WorldMount Eruca
Ice Charm Ice CharmInflict damage 30 meters around you and reduce the Attack Speed of enemies within range.Magic ItemMount Eruca