Sikuku Elite Slaughterer

This monster can be found at

Forest of Wandering

Items dropped from this monster

Low Enthiric Low EnthiricWater containing strong Mana. It is very clear, transparent and cool.Material for Refinement
Enthiric EnthiricIt is said that an Enthiric is cold enough to freeze your hand if you touch it.Material for Refinement
Orihalcon OrihalconThe legendary metal that is said to be unbreakable.Metal from Outside World
Spiritual Stone of Earth Spiritual Stone of EarthA spiritual stone endowed with the power of earth. It's so tough, it can be used as a foundation to build houses.Material
Transparent Leather Transparent LeatherExpensive, transparent leather that is best put to use for lewd purposes.Leather
Golden Bar Golden BarGolden Bar.Metal
Shattered Weapon Shattered WeaponShattered Weapon.Material
Twill TwillAlthough relatively weak, twill rarely wrinkles, is soft and has a nice texture.Cloth
Adamantium AdamantiumA fantasy metal that almost defies the natural laws.Metal from Outside World
Philosopher Stone Philosopher StoneThe greatest metal that all alchemists hope to create. It greatly increases Mana amount.Metal from Outside World
Spiritual Stone of Fire Spiritual Stone of FireA spiritual stone endowed with the power of fire. It's so hot, it's dangerous to hold with your bare hands.Material
Sikuku Costume Sikuku CostumeEven the brazen may feel bashful when wearing this revealing costume.Material
Spiritual Stone of Wind Spiritual Stone of WindA spiritual stone endowed with Oro's purest fire. It emanates mysterious energy.Material
Elixir ElixirJuice from a mysterious fruit that is said to restore one's youth.Material for Refinement
Spiritual Stone of Water Spiritual Stone of WaterA spiritual stone endowed with Hebarn's darkest blessing. It emanates mysterious magic.Material
Molive MoliveMetal that emits a white, transparent light.Metal from Outside WorldForest of Wandering
Red Sandalwood Red SandalwoodWood that is widely used to create buildings, boats and furniture.Wooden MaterialForest of Wandering
Shisano ShisanoDew Crystals.MaterialForest of Wandering
Orihalcon OrihalconThe legendary metal that is said to be unbreakable.Metal from Outside WorldForest of Wandering
Elixir ElixirJuice from a mysterious fruit that is said to restore one's youth.Material for RefinementForest of Wandering
Plasma PlasmaThis plasma, necessary for spiritual beings to manifest in the mortal world, is all that remains of defeated spirits.MaterialForest of Wandering
Ore of Earth Ore of EarthA light feather belonging to a Prophet WingMaterialForest of Wandering
Azaleas Wood Azaleas WoodWood of a giant tree.Wooden MaterialForest of Wandering
Glistening Leather Glistening LeatherShiny leather.LeatherForest of Wandering
Crystal Thread Crystal ThreadWood who say bring to life the dead.MaterialForest of Wandering
Yggdrasil Wood Yggdrasil WoodMadeira que dizem trazer à vida os mortos.Wooden MaterialForest of Wandering
Banded Fur Banded FurPrickly skin with dark spots.MaterialForest of Wandering
Shattered Weapon Shattered WeaponShattered Weapon.MaterialForest of Wandering
Robust Leather Robust LeatherLeather very resistant.LeatherForest of Wandering
Pink Opal [3] Pink Opal [3]Jewel that is said to be created from Arua's tears.GemForest of Wandering
Durable Gloves Durable GlovesPair of sturdy gloves known for their durability.GauntletForest of Wandering
Pirate Gloves Pirate GlovesEssential for a pirate look. It's a good glove.GloveForest of Wandering
Reverse Cannon Reverse CannonAn incredibly lethal weapon whose power well exceeds self-defense purposes.LauncherForest of Wandering
Sapphire [2] Sapphire [2]Jewel of truth and eternity.GemForest of Wandering
Topaz [2] Topaz [2]Jewel of wisdom and courage.GemForest of Wandering
Raven Knuckle Raven KnuckleThese are made by the same craft man who crafted Hawker Knuckle. KatarForest of Wandering
Ouroboros Wand Ouroboros WandThis Wand is a symbol of Ouroboros, the mythical eight headed serpent.Magic WandForest of Wandering
Pirate Hood Pirate HoodCapuz dos piratas.HatForest of Wandering
Pirate Armor Pirate ArmorDespite being quite stiff, these pirate costumes allow for quick movement.Combat UniformForest of Wandering
Pirate Sandals Pirate SandalsPar de sand?lias de um pirata.ShoesForest of Wandering
Final Hammer Final HammerThe ultimate Melee Weapon whose name signifies the end of the world.One-hand Blunt WeaponForest of Wandering
Durable Armor Durable ArmorArmor known for its excellent durability.ArmorForest of Wandering
Durable Band Durable BandProte??o de cabe?a conhecida por sua durabilidade.HelmetForest of Wandering
Sparkle Staff Sparkle StaffA Staff that summons more magical power than the Twinkle Staff.Magic StaffForest of Wandering