Doonga Captain

This monster can be found at

Kenji Beach

Items dropped from this monster

Chrome Armor Chrome ArmorRigid, heavy armor that is made of a rare material.Armor
Vital Water (L) Vital Water (L)Mysterious water that rapidly restores HP.Potion
Stamina (+75) Stamina (+75)Stamina Restore.Instant Restorative
Advanced MP Scroll (Solo) Advanced MP Scroll (Solo)Increase Maximum MP for 10 minutes.Magic Item
Semiya Goggles Semiya GogglesTurbante com prote??o para os olhos, para viajantes.Hat
Kite Shield Kite ShieldA long, leather shield that offers protection to the entire body.Shield
Socket Necklace Socket NecklaceNecklace
Violet Gloves Violet GlovesModern gloves favored by powerful mages. Magic Glove
Semiya Gloves Semiya GlovesLightweight, thick gloves for intermediate maskers.Glove
Chrome Boots Chrome BootsBota leve, mas r?gida, feita de um metal misterioso.Boots
Black Pirate Boots Black Pirate BootsBotas usadas pelos piratas do Mar Negro.Shoes
Squid Sword Squid SwordA sword made in the awe inspiring form of the noble squid race.One-hand Sword
Quick Bow Gun Quick Bow GunA Crossbow that provides superior rapid firing power.Crossbow
Crossbow Gun Crossbow GunA Crossbow which provides great destructive power.Crossbow
Two-Handed Sword Two-Handed SwordThe most basic Two-Handed Sword.Two-hand Sword
Death Spear Death SpearThe god of Death's weapon of choice.Spear
Edge Gun Edge GunA pistol whose accuracy can be compared to that of ninja assassins.Gun
Shadow Staff Shadow StaffAn uncommon Staff in which dark magic is sealed.Magic Staff
Flame Wand Flame WandA Mage's Wand that can shoot magical flames.Magic Wand
Spike Knuckle Spike KnuckleA fearsome Knuckle covered with pointy spikes.Katar
Saber & Elven Sword Saber & Elven Sword A splendid dual sword combination.Dual Sword
Maiya Bow[Saint] Maiya BowA Bow that calls forth the determination of shepherds who have decided to eradicate the wolves.Bow
Edge Gun[Saint] Edge GunA pistol whose accuracy can be compared to that of ninja assassins.Gun
Blue Hearts Blue HeartsWhen an eons old star is destroyed, it results in this ore that possesses a mysterious power.Material
Black Animal Tail Fur Black Animal Tail FurBlack fur taken from the tail of an animal.Material
Predator Claw Predator ClawA very sharp claw taken from a predatory animal.Material
Animal Tail Fur Animal Tail FurFur taken from the tail of an animal.Material
Oil OilSticky, flammable fluid that can be found deep underground.MaterialKenji Beach
Beef Jerky Beef JerkyDried beef that's flavorless and less than appetizing.FoodKenji Beach
Gunpowder GunpowderA dangerous substance used to make explosives. You should only trust experts to handle gunpowder.MaterialKenji Beach
Tender Leather Tender LeatherLeather that's soft as silk.LeatherKenji Beach
Wool WoolIt's soft and great at keeping someone warm.ClothKenji Beach
Gorgeous Leather Gorgeous LeatherRidiculously showy leather that has various uses.LeatherKenji Beach
Denim DenimFabric made out of blue paper. Although it seems that it can be easily torn, it's actually very durable and feels nice when worn.ClothKenji Beach
Vital Jam (+1) Vital Jam (+1)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionKenji Beach
Thick Leather Thick LeatherLeather that is so thick that it can't be cut with a knife.LeatherKenji Beach
Tough Leather Tough LeatherAlthough rough and coarse, this leather might be handy for bundling slippery or viscous materials.LeatherKenji Beach
Vital Jam (+2) Vital Jam (+2)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionKenji Beach
Plain Weave Plain WeaveStrong and practical fabric.ClothKenji Beach
Hard Leather Hard LeatherLeather that is solid as stone and can be used to craft armor.LeatherKenji Beach
Transparent Leather Transparent LeatherExpensive, transparent leather that is best put to use for lewd purposes.LeatherKenji Beach
Twill TwillAlthough relatively weak, twill rarely wrinkles, is soft and has a nice texture.ClothKenji Beach
Vital Jam (+5) Vital Jam (+5)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionKenji Beach
Gold Thread Gold ThreadThread made of thinly pressed silver.MaterialKenji Beach
Lace LaceDecorative cloth made of countless interwoven fibers that allow air to flow freely through them.ClothKenji Beach
Patterned Leather Patterned LeatherLeather with a natural pattern that even artists would admire.LeatherKenji Beach
Platinum Thread Platinum ThreadThread made of thinly pressed platinum.MaterialKenji Beach
Ice Charm Ice CharmInflict damage 30 meters around you and reduce the Attack Speed of enemies within range.Magic ItemKenji Beach
Precious Platinum Thread Precious Platinum ThreadThread made of thinly pressed platinum that has been purified for 1,000 days.MaterialKenji Beach
Low Essence Low EssenceMaterial to which Mana has been artificially added.Material for RefinementKenji Beach
Glasses Frame Glasses FrameA glasses frame without any lenses.GlassesKenji Beach