Grandmaster Golem

This monster can be found at

Gorge of Silence

Items dropped from this monster

Peridot [1] Peridot [1]Jewel which represents liberation from darkness.Gem
Red Crystal Red CrystalCrystal used as a material for Ruby and Garnet.Material
Chrome Armor Chrome ArmorRigid, heavy armor that is made of a rare material.Armor
Vital Jam (+5) Vital Jam (+5)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.Potion
HP Point (+500) HP Point (+500)HP Restore.Instant Restorative
MP Point (+300) MP Point (+300)MP Restore.Instant Restorative
Stamina (+100) Stamina (+100)Stamina Restore.Instant Restorative
Advanced MP Scroll (Solo) Advanced MP Scroll (Solo)Increase Maximum MP for 10 minutes.Magic Item
Semiya Goggles Semiya GogglesTurbante com prote??o para os olhos, para viajantes.Hat
Socket Earring Socket EarringEarrings
Violet Gloves Violet GlovesModern gloves favored by powerful mages. Magic Glove
Buffalo Backshield Buffalo BackshieldBackshield
Black Pirate Boots Black Pirate BootsBotas usadas pelos piratas do Mar Negro.Shoes
Dark Bow Gun Dark Bow GunA high quality Crossbow that comes in a polished black color.Crossbow
Silver Axe Silver AxeA silver Axe that is somehow effective in healing your wounds.Axe
Lightning Spear Lightning SpearAn electrical Spear that can summon thunder. Be careful lest it shock you.Spear
Mythril Launcher Mythril LauncherA masterpiece of a Launcher constructed of high grade Mythril.Launcher
Blizzard Wand Blizzard WandA Mage's Wand that can magically shoot ice fragments.Magic Wand
Viking Sword & Axe Viking Sword & AxeA Viking Sword in one hand and an Axe in the other spells out a pretty savage dual sword combination.Dual Sword
Viking Sword[Dark] Viking SwordA sword with a wide blade that was popularized by the Vikings.One-hand Sword
Gladius GladiusThe standard sword for mercenary soldiers working for the Ferrell Guild.One-hand Sword
Spike Club Spike ClubCovered in spikes, this weapon was crafted with the intent to hideously wound enemies.One-hand Blunt Weapon
Phoenixhander PhoenixhanderA Two-Handed Sword with the image of the phoenix, symbol of immortality.Two-hand Sword
Dark Buster Dark BusterA huge Axe for vanquishing the darkness.Axe
Bow of Sagittarius Bow of SagittariusA legendary Bow said to be used by archers with remarkable ability.Bow
Faust FaustA weapon which strikes fear into the hearts of those who must face the power of Faust.Launcher
Chakram ChakramAn impressive weapon made in the shape of a half moon.Katar
Shining Finger Shining FingerA lethal weapon with three claws that threaten to shred the enemy to certain death.Katar
Mana Generator Mana GeneratorPAT materialMaterial
Mana Metal Mana MetalPAT materialMaterial
Sporty Cart Schematic Sporty Cart SchematicIntricate construction plans for a Sporty Cart.Collections
Mana Crystal Mana CrystalPAT materialMaterial
Steam Viper Steam ViperPAT materialMaterial
Mana Article Mana ArticlePAT materialMaterial
Mana Heat Mana HeatPAT materialMaterial
Spiritual Stone of Wind Spiritual Stone of WindA spiritual stone endowed with Oro's purest fire. It emanates mysterious energy.Material
Steam Oil Steam OilPAT materialMaterial
Mana Oil Mana OilPAT materialMaterial
Bronze BronzeA metal made from melting copper and tin, making it much more durable.MetalGorge of Silence
Cooked Meat Cooked MeatMeat that has been grilled to perfection.FoodGorge of Silence
Thick Iron Piece Thick Iron PieceIncredibly durable iron that can be used in manufacturing.MaterialGorge of Silence
Gold Thread Gold ThreadThread made of thinly pressed silver.MaterialGorge of Silence
Iron IronPure iron, one of the most common metals.MetalGorge of Silence
Silver Iron Silver IronIron that has been tempered so that it fully gleams with a silver luster.MetalGorge of Silence
Vital Jam (+1) Vital Jam (+1)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionGorge of Silence
Ore of Wind Ore of WindThe smallest piece of a Hook Wing.MaterialGorge of Silence
Steel SteelIron tempered to the point that it now has a black luster.MetalGorge of Silence
Vital Jam (+2) Vital Jam (+2)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionGorge of Silence
Chromium ChromiumA strange metal with a silvery white gloss. Though strong, it sometimes crumbles quite easily.MetalGorge of Silence
MP Bottle MP BottleBottleGorge of Silence
Tiar TiarDeteriorated diamond that can barely be seen because of its transparency.MetalGorge of Silence
Vital Jam (+5) Vital Jam (+5)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionGorge of Silence
Damascus DamascusA mythical metal that actually exists.MetalGorge of Silence
HP Bottle HP BottleBottleGorge of Silence
Petil PetilRed material that is thought to be made by rain water collecting in a place where animals or plants have died. MaterialGorge of Silence
Wicked Mask Wicked MaskYou can't trust the intentions of anyone who wears this mask…MaskGorge of Silence