Ruper Wizard

This monster can be found at

Arumic Valley

Items dropped from this monster

Mighty Helm Mighty HelmElmo leve, por?m muito eficaz.Helmet
Merchant Hat Merchant Hat Turbante com prote??o para os olhos, para viajantes experientes.Hat
Mana Stone Mana StoneA magic stone infused with Mana.Magic Tool
Rune Stone Rune StoneA stone on which an ancient incantation is inscribed.Magic Tool
Cubic Scepter Cubic ScepterMagical dice that can reveal the situational chance of success.Magic Tool
Gloves of Shadow Gloves of ShadowGloves that have rumors that wearers are covered in shadow. Magic Glove
Mariner's Boots Mariner's BootsBotas para ca?adores de mar.Shoes
Mighty Armor Mighty ArmorA light, but very reliable armor.Armor
Blood Sword Blood SwordA sword cursed with the blood of hundreds. It craves blood.One-hand Sword
Katana KatanaThe sword of choice for veteran samurai.One-hand Sword
Claymore ClaymoreAn aristocratic sword adorned with jewels and the image of a crow.Two-hand Sword
Shining Spear Shining SpearA radiant Spear that always dazzles brightly.Spear
Bow of East Archer Bow of East ArcherA Bow that was popularly used in the East.Bow
Holy Staff Holy StaffA clergyman's Staff which contains the power of holiness.Magic Staff
Dark Staff Dark StaffA heretic's Staff that flows with dark energy.Magic Staff
Windstorm Wand Windstorm WandA Wand that was been magically constructed to call forth wind vacuums.Magic Wand
Shaft Claw Shaft ClawA powerful Knuckle with long claws designed for nimble attacks.Katar
Blood Sword & Axe Blood Sword & AxeA powerful dual sword combination. If the Blood Sword doesn't get them, the Axe will.Dual Sword
Holy Staff[Grand] Holy StaffA clergyman's Staff which contains the power of holiness.Magic Staff
Windstorm Wand[Legend] Windstorm WandA Wand that was been magically constructed to call forth wind vacuums.Magic Wand
Ocarina Pieces Ocarina PiecesIf you collected all the pieces, could you restore the Ocarina to its original form?Collections
Hersian HersianA thin and white object in the shape of a disk.Material
Frozen Animal Fur Frozen Animal FurFrozen fur taken from an animal.Material
Coin of Eucar Tribe Coin of Eucar TribeAn ancient form of currency used by the Eucar tribe.Collections
Earth Stone Earth StoneA yellow stone containing the energy of the earth.Material
Ruper Crest Ruper CrestThe special symbol of the Ruper Clan.Material
Demon Metal Demon MetalMetal, containing a small amount of Mana, that is said to be made by demons.Metal from Outside WorldArumic Valley
Golden Powder Golden PowderMaterial used to refine weapons.ChemicalArumic Valley
Wolf Steel Wolf SteelMetal shaped like a wolf's claw. Infused with the spirit of the wolf, howls can be heard from it every night.Metal from Outside WorldArumic Valley
Ice Key Fragment Ice Key FragmentIf you collect enough Ice Key fragments…CollectionsArumic Valley
Molive MoliveMetal that emits a white, transparent light.Metal from Outside WorldArumic Valley
High Ether High EtherMaterial infused with Mana from a Mage, and amplified with an Eye of Moth and a Lizard's Tongue.Material for RefinementArumic Valley
Vital Jam (+2) Vital Jam (+2)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionArumic Valley
Mythril MythrilThe purest silver, Mythril is harder than diamond.Metal from Outside WorldArumic Valley
Rainbow Powder Rainbow PowderMaterial used to refine weapons.ChemicalArumic Valley
Elixir ElixirJuice from a mysterious fruit that is said to restore one's youth.Material for RefinementArumic Valley
Ore of Shine Ore of ShineA light feather belonging to an Enlightened Being.MaterialArumic Valley
Lisent (Cu) Lisent (Cu)Material called Lisent that contains Cu and is used in refining weaponsChemicalArumic Valley
Hime HimeMaterial that can only be seen by pure virgins. Some tribes use it to determine the presence of virginity.Material for RefinementArumic Valley
White Icicle White IcicleTarget is temporarily blocked from using magic spells.Magic ItemArumic Valley
Orihalcon OrihalconThe legendary metal that is said to be unbreakable.Metal from Outside WorldArumic Valley
Spark Charm Spark CharmInflict damage to monsters 20 meters around you while stunning enemies in range.Magic ItemArumic Valley
Ore of Water Ore of WaterA cracked mask from an Eldeon Tribe.MaterialArumic Valley