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Behemoth King

This monster can be found at

Freezing Plateau

Items dropped from this monster

Merchant Hat [Holy] Merchant Hat Turbante com prote??o para os olhos, para viajantes experientes.Hat
Gloves of Shadow Gloves of ShadowGloves that have rumors that wearers are covered in shadow. Magic Glove
Mariner's Boots[Legend] Mariner's BootsBotas para ca?adores de mar.Shoes
Mighty Armor[Legend] Mighty ArmorA light, but very reliable armor.Armor
Blood Mace Blood MaceA cursed mace that thirsts for blood.One-hand Blunt Weapon
Dark Bow Gun Dark Bow GunA high quality Crossbow that comes in a polished black color.Crossbow
Claymore ClaymoreAn aristocratic sword adorned with jewels and the image of a crow.Two-hand Sword
Blood Sword & Axe Blood Sword & AxeA powerful dual sword combination. If the Blood Sword doesn't get them, the Axe will.Dual Sword
Ice Sword[Golden] Ice SwordA mysterious sword that brings a cold gust with every brandish.One-hand Sword
Scorpion Club[Golden] Scorpion ClubA hammer made from a poisonous scorpion's tail.One-hand Blunt Weapon
Anima Bow Gun[Saint] Anima Bow GunA Crossbow infused with the power of nature.Crossbow
Dark Staff[Grand] Dark StaffA heretic's Staff that flows with dark energy.Magic Staff
Knight Killer Knight KillerA Bow Gun that specializes in piercing the armor that covers a knight's chest.Crossbow
Lunar Seal Staff Lunar Seal StaffA Staff containing some of the abundant Mana power from the planet of Luna.Magic Staff
Scorpion Claw Scorpion ClawLethal claws, made from the spirits of the scorpions, and the venom of oblivion.Katar
Dual Death Render Dual Death RenderA pair of blades used to wound your enemies in battle, but keep them alive as long as possible.Dual Sword
Spiritual Stone of Water Spiritual Stone of WaterA spiritual stone endowed with Hebarn's darkest blessing. It emanates mysterious magic.Material
Castle Gear Engine Schematic Castle Gear Engine SchematicIntricate construction plans for a Castle Gear Engine.Collections
Behemoth Tendon Behemoth TendonA really tough tendon that can be used in various ways.MaterialFreezing Plateau
Elixir ElixirJuice from a mysterious fruit that is said to restore one's youth.Material for RefinementFreezing Plateau
Transparent Powder Transparent PowderMaterial used to refine weapons.ChemicalFreezing Plateau
Setil SetilGolden material that is thought to be made by rain water collecting in a place where animals or plants have died. MaterialFreezing Plateau
Ice Key Fragment Ice Key FragmentIf you collect enough Ice Key fragments…CollectionsFreezing Plateau
Orihalcon OrihalconThe legendary metal that is said to be unbreakable.Metal from Outside WorldFreezing Plateau
Vital Jam (+2) Vital Jam (+2)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionFreezing Plateau
Adamantium AdamantiumA fantasy metal that almost defies the natural laws.Metal from Outside WorldFreezing Plateau
Rainbow Powder Rainbow PowderMaterial used to refine weapons.ChemicalFreezing Plateau
Hime HimeMaterial that can only be seen by pure virgins. Some tribes use it to determine the presence of virginity.Material for RefinementFreezing Plateau
Low Enthiric Low EnthiricWater containing strong Mana. It is very clear, transparent and cool.Material for RefinementFreezing Plateau
White Icicle White IcicleTarget is temporarily blocked from using magic spells.Magic ItemFreezing Plateau
Ore of Water Ore of WaterA cracked mask from an Eldeon Tribe.MaterialFreezing Plateau
Otherworldly Metal Otherworldly MetalMetal from beyond the physical realm. Its true form is secret.Metal from Outside WorldFreezing Plateau
Ore of Shine Ore of ShineA light feather belonging to an Enlightened Being.MaterialFreezing Plateau
Blood Charm Blood CharmInflict powerful damage to monsters 30 meters around you.Magic ItemFreezing Plateau