Flaming Pumpkin

This monster can be found at

Desert of the Dead

Items dropped from this monster

Diamond [1] Diamond [1]Jewel of purity and nobility.Gem
Fancy Blue Fancy BlueA robe that makes anyone who wears it feel cool.Casual suit
HP Point (+200) HP Point (+200)HP Restore.Instant Restorative
MP Point (+100) MP Point (+100)MP Restore.Instant Restorative
Stamina (+50) Stamina (+50)Stamina Restore.Instant Restorative
Goblin Worker Goblin WorkerA capsule containing a monster that will fight for you once summoned.Magic Item
Luxurious Venetian Hat Luxurious Venetian Hat Chap?u que faz voc? parecer uma pessoa rica.Hat
Ranger Hat Ranger HatChap?u para ca?adores veteranos.Hat
Mythical Flute Mythical FluteA beautiful, legendary flute that makes an antiquated sound.Magic Tool
Socket Earring Socket EarringEarrings
Luxurious Venetian Gloves Luxurious Venetian GlovesGloves preferred by travelers who like comfort.Glove
Luxurious Marble Shoes Luxurious Marble ShoesSapatos de m?rmore por fora, mas macios e acolchoados por dentro.Shoes
Cutter Bow Gun Cutter Bow GunA Crossbow that fires bolts which can cut through anything.Crossbow
Surado SuradoA basic Two-Handed Sword.Two-hand Sword
Iron Spear Iron SpearA widely used Spear that provides great power considering its price.Spear
Elf Bow Elf BowA powerful Bow that was used by the Elves.Bow
Iron Shotgun Iron ShotgunA shotgun that is especially effective at point blank range. Don't get too close to it!Gun
White Staff White StaffA Staff that is white as snow, and is very popular amongst the ladies.Magic Staff
Silence Wand Silence WandA magic Wand that contains the power to bring silence to its surroundings.Magic Wand
Wolf's Paw Wolf's PawA glove with sharp claws, imitating the paw of the wolf.Katar
Dual Bushido Dual BushidoA matching set of swords with the words 'lethal attack' engraved. This is serious business.Dual Sword
Iron Spear[Grand] Iron SpearA widely used Spear that provides great power considering its price.Spear
Mage's Rod[Dark] Mage's RodA Mage's Rod that contains just a little bit of magic.Magic Staff
Pebble PebbleA common pebble that can be found anywhere.Stone Material
Green Crystal Green CrystalCrystal used as a material for Emerald and Peridot.Material
Animal Leg Bone Animal Leg BoneA sturdy bone taken from an animal's leg that looks like it could be used as a weapon.Material
Animal Backbone Animal BackboneHard and pointed bones taken from an animal's spine.Material
Vital Jam (+1) Vital Jam (+1)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionDesert of the Dead