Evil Jack

This monster can be found at

Desert of the Dead

Items dropped from this monster

Socket Earring Socket EarringRing
HP Point (+200) HP Point (+200)HP Restore.Instant Restorative
MP Point (+100) MP Point (+100)MP Restore.Instant Restorative
Stamina (+75) Stamina (+75)Stamina Restore.Instant Restorative
Ranger Hat Ranger HatChap?u para ca?adores veteranos.Hat
Elven Anthology Elven AnthologyA collection of translated songs and poetry by the Elves.Magic Tool
Trunket Gloves Trunket GlovesTrusty gloves made of iron.Gauntlet
Purple Sandals of Witch Purple Sandals of WitchSand?lias feitas para m?gicos experientes.Magic Boots
Tamiya Vest Tamiya VestStiff but light armor for young travelers.Casual suit
Squid Sword Squid SwordA sword made in the awe inspiring form of the noble squid race.One-hand Sword
Quick Bow Gun Quick Bow GunA Crossbow that provides superior rapid firing power.Crossbow
Two-Handed Sword Two-Handed SwordThe most basic Two-Handed Sword.Two-hand Sword
Orc Axe Orc AxeA dull Axe made of animal bone that was used by the Orcs.Axe
Trident TridentA three pronged Spear that should never be used as a fork.Spear
Iron Bow Iron BowA solid Bow that is constructed of iron.Bow
Edge Gun Edge GunA pistol whose accuracy can be compared to that of ninja assassins.Gun
Bronze Launcher Bronze LauncherA sturdy Launcher made entirely of bronze.Launcher
Twin Ghost Bat Twin Ghost BatNot one, but two enchanted bats for double the smash.Dual Sword
Quick Bow Gun[Grand] Quick Bow GunA Crossbow that provides superior rapid firing power.Crossbow
Maiya Bow[Saint] Maiya BowA Bow that calls forth the determination of shepherds who have decided to eradicate the wolves.Bow
Pebble PebbleA common pebble that can be found anywhere.Stone Material
Animal Leg Bone Animal Leg BoneA sturdy bone taken from an animal's leg that looks like it could be used as a weapon.Material
Predator Claw Predator ClawA very sharp claw taken from a predatory animal.Material
Animal Backbone Animal BackboneHard and pointed bones taken from an animal's spine.Material
Vital Jam (+1) Vital Jam (+1)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionDesert of the Dead