King Hook

This monster can be found at

Xita Refuge

Items dropped from this monster

Topaz [3] Topaz [3]Jewel of wisdom and courage.Gem
Sapphire [3] Sapphire [3]Jewel of truth and eternity.Gem
Durable Armor Durable ArmorArmor known for its excellent durability.Armor
Spiritual Water (S) Spiritual Water (S)Water from a nymph that rapidly restores MP.Potion
Cedric Band Cedric BandProte??o de cabe?a feita por um famoso espadachim.Helmet
Righteous Shield Righteous ShieldA high grade shield for those who value honor.Shield
Durable Gloves Durable GlovesPair of sturdy gloves known for their durability.Gauntlet
Hook Wings Hook WingsWings
Fairy Vest Fairy VestBeautiful clothes that were made by the Arua fairy.Magic Clothes
Pirate Armor Pirate ArmorDespite being quite stiff, these pirate costumes allow for quick movement.Combat Uniform
Fisherman Suit Fisherman SuitSuit that expresses the hope of catching a good fish when you go fishing.Casual suit
Bifenith Bow Bifenith BowThe standard Bow used long ago by a group of warriors united by Robin Hawker.Bow
Zephyr Long Bow Zephyr Long BowA Bow created with the power of the wind.Bow
Shock Impact Gun Shock Impact GunAn ornamentally designed Gun which actually has considerable destructive capability.Gun
Twinkle Staff Twinkle StaffA Staff which greatly raises magical power.Magic Staff
Hawk Knuckle Hawk KnuckleThese are shaped like a hawk, look attractive. Katar
Demise Dual Weapon Demise Dual WeaponA dual weapon combination of two Death Bringers which carry a suffocating aura of power.Dual Sword
Sand Hand Sand HandA clump of sand in the shape of a hand, used for slapping your enemies silly.One-hand Blunt Weapon
Falchion-Gladius Falchion-GladiusA weapon combination that can only be used by those who have mastered the fundamentals of battle.Dual Sword
Sporty Cart Schematic Sporty Cart SchematicIntricate construction plans for a Sporty Cart.Collections
Spiritual Stone of Earth Spiritual Stone of EarthA spiritual stone endowed with the power of earth. It's so tough, it can be used as a foundation to build houses.Material
Gravel Stone Gravel StoneStone made of sand and pebbles.Stone Material
Essence EssenceMaterial infused with Mana from an eminent Muse.Material for Refinement
Ether EtherMaterial infused with Mana from a Mage, and amplified with an Eye of Moth.Material for Refinement
Green Crystal Green CrystalCrystal used as a material for Emerald and Peridot.Material
Red Hearts Red HeartsWhen an eons old star is destroyed, it results in this ore that possesses a mysterious power.Material
Blue Crystal Blue CrystalCrystal used as a material for Sapphire and Topaz.Material
Paper Wing Pieces Paper Wing PiecesPart of an insect wing which is as soft and translucent as tracing paper.Material
Sharp Thorn Sharp ThornA thorn with a tip so sharp, it can be used as a nail or even a drill.MaterialXita Refuge
Paulownia Wood Paulownia WoodWood that can be used to make furniture and instruments.Wooden MaterialXita Refuge
Meteorite MeteoriteA stone that's fallen from the sky and crashed into the ground.Stone MaterialXita Refuge
Spiritual Water (S) Spiritual Water (S)Water from a nymph that rapidly restores MP.PotionXita Refuge
Pine Wood Pine WoodWood that's tough enough to make barrels, boats and buildings, with a beautiful grain that makes it ideal for furniture.Wooden MaterialXita Refuge
Ore of Water Ore of WaterA cracked mask from an Eldeon Tribe.MaterialXita Refuge
Red Sandalwood Red SandalwoodWood that is widely used to create buildings, boats and furniture.Wooden MaterialXita Refuge
Black Hearts Black HeartsWhen an eons old star is destroyed, it results in this ore that possesses a mysterious power.MaterialXita Refuge
Vital Water (S) Vital Water (S)Mysterious water that rapidly restores HP.PotionXita Refuge
Vital Jam (+2) Vital Jam (+2)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionXita Refuge
Ore of Earth Ore of EarthA light feather belonging to a Prophet WingMaterialXita Refuge
Ruby [2] Ruby [2]Jewel of passion and dignity.GemXita Refuge
Garnet [2] Garnet [2]Jewel of truth and friendship.GemXita Refuge
Spero Shooter Spero ShooterA dreadfully powerful weapon developed by Spero. This must be a mistake!LauncherXita Refuge
Bifenith Bow Bifenith BowThe standard Bow used long ago by a group of warriors united by Robin Hawker.BowXita Refuge
Black Shamshir Black ShamshirA long sword attached to someone's skull. A strange sensation comes from gripping the handle.One-hand SwordXita Refuge
Nirvana Hammer Nirvana HammerA hammer that glitters with royal majesty as you rush into the heat of battle.One-hand Blunt WeaponXita Refuge
Mythril Bow Gun Mythril Bow GunA Bow Gun, constructed out of mythril, which is stronger than the Mythril Bow.CrossbowXita Refuge
Shion's Guardian Shion's GuardianA very heavy sword used by a great war hero in a distant land.Two-hand SwordXita Refuge
Adamantium Axe Adamantium AxeAn Axe made of Adamantium which can never be broken. There are many imitations.AxeXita Refuge
Steam Shocker Steam ShockerA product of both science and magic, the Mana Steam Shocker is a truly fantastic gun.GunXita Refuge
Oracle Staff Oracle StaffA Staff used to create miracles by Seyrun the Sage.Magic StaffXita Refuge
Snake Wand Snake WandA short Wand that is shaped like a Cobra at its end.Magic WandXita Refuge