Turak | LoopRose

This monster can be found at

Shady Jungle

Items dropped from this monster

Garnet [3] Garnet [3]Jewel of truth and friendship.Gem
Emerald [3] Emerald [3]Jewel of honesty and immortality.Gem
Topaz [3] Topaz [3]Jewel of wisdom and courage.Gem
Sapphire [3] Sapphire [3]Jewel of truth and eternity.Gem
Peridot [3] Peridot [3]Jewel which represents liberation from darkness.Gem
Ruby [3] Ruby [3]Jewel of passion and dignity.Gem
Turak Wings Turak WingsWings
Blue Hearts Blue HeartsWhen an eons old star is destroyed, it results in this ore that possesses a mysterious power.Material
Spiritual Stone of Earth Spiritual Stone of EarthA spiritual stone endowed with the power of earth. It's so tough, it can be used as a foundation to build houses.Material
Elixir ElixirJuice from a mysterious fruit that is said to restore one's youth.Material for Refinement
Lisent (Na) Lisent (Na)Material called Lisent that contains Na and is used in refining weaponsChemical
Black Hearts Black HeartsWhen an eons old star is destroyed, it results in this ore that possesses a mysterious power.Material
Noctilucent Leaf Noctilucent LeafEasily found in the Shadow Jungle, this leaf gleams at night and can be used as a candle.MaterialShady Jungle
Paulownia Wood Paulownia WoodWood that can be used to make furniture and instruments.Wooden MaterialShady Jungle
Shisano ShisanoDew Crystals.MaterialShady Jungle
Pine Wood Pine WoodWood that's tough enough to make barrels, boats and buildings, with a beautiful grain that makes it ideal for furniture.Wooden MaterialShady Jungle
Ore of Fire Ore of FireThe feather found from an old dragon.MaterialShady Jungle
Vital Water (M) Vital Water (M)Mysterious water that rapidly restores HP.PotionShady Jungle
Vital Jam (+2) Vital Jam (+2)You can get 100 Stamina Points from the power of this Vital Jam.PotionShady Jungle
Cinnamon Wood Cinnamon WoodA pleasant looking wood that isn't very tough, but can be easily shaped.Wooden MaterialShady Jungle
Sapphire [1] Sapphire [1]Jewel of truth and eternity.GemShady Jungle
Pink Opal [1] Pink Opal [1]Jewel that is said to be created from Arua's tears.GemShady Jungle
Zephyr Long Bow Zephyr Long BowA Bow created with the power of the wind.BowShady Jungle
Fisher Gloves Fisher GlovesGloves that help you catch a big fish.GloveShady Jungle
Fisherman Suit Fisherman SuitSuit that expresses the hope of catching a good fish when you go fishing.Casual suitShady Jungle
Shock Impact Gun Shock Impact GunAn ornamentally designed Gun which actually has considerable destructive capability.GunShady Jungle
Breakdown Cannon Breakdown CannonA powerful Launcher whose only purpose is to reduce anything to rubble.LauncherShady Jungle
Fisherman Sandals Fisherman SandalsPar de sand?lias feitas para pescadores que viajam pelo mundo.ShoesShady Jungle
Sapphire [2] Sapphire [2]Jewel of truth and eternity.GemShady Jungle
Topaz [2] Topaz [2]Jewel of wisdom and courage.GemShady Jungle
Fairy Bonnet Fairy BonnetLindo gorro feito pela Fada de Arua.Magic HatShady Jungle
Fishing Hat Fishing HatUm chap?u perfeito para pescaria.HatShady Jungle
Fairy Vest Fairy VestBeautiful clothes that were made by the Arua fairy.Magic ClothesShady Jungle
Fairy Gloves Fairy GlovesGloves made by fairy Arua. Magic GloveShady Jungle
Fairy Shoes Fairy ShoesSapatos descolados, feitos pela fada de Arua.Magic BootsShady Jungle